"I Once Worked As A Shoe Shinner Before Becoming A News Anchor" Famous NTV Kenya News Anchor Recalls


(Photo| Courtsey)

NTV Kenya Station Journalist has narrated his life journey to being a news anchor in one of the top largest Television in the country. He was raised in Siaya by a single parent after his father died at the age of 8 years. Being raised by single parent shaped him. They struggled a lot but he's grateful for getting where he is now. NTV News Anchor Edmond Nyabola said that most of the people thinks he was raised by a rich family, but he didnot have an easy time as a student in University Of Nairobi.

(Photo| Edmond Nyabola)

He had to do some odds jobs so as to survive while he was a student. At some point he had to work as a shoe shinner to pay for his school fees. For three months, he used to wake up at 5 am and go to archives and shine shoes. His journey began when Nation Media Group approached the University for interns.

(Photo| Edmond Nyabola)

Nyabola said that reading news is more than physical and emotional appearance. You have to be calm and you should have a full understanding of the topic. He recalled that one day he had grown a little fat and while he was on air, coat button popped out. Someone Tweeted that Edmond's jacket can now breath.

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