KDF Makes A Major Announcement To All Kenyans


The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) is a very well known security unit both in Kenya and east Africa at large. This unit is tasked to defend the country from any external attacks. KDF is mate up of the three forces i.e Kenya airforce, Kenya navy and finally Kenya army.

The KDF is always involved in many other activities apart from defending the country. These activities are the nation building activities and it includes; building of the bridges, fighting any pandemic as well as performing in the National days.

Now, today, the KDF has come out to send a powerful message to all Kenyans over some allegations that has been going round all over the social media. Through their official twitter account, KDF has adviced all Kenyans to ignore a certain information in the social media claiming that the KDF was now recruiting new members for replacement. According to KDF, this information is fake.

"The public is hereby informed that KDF is not recruiting. There is no such thing as replacement or connections. Beware of tricks by conmen and women and continue to expose them." Said the KDF.

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