William Uchemba Speaks About Those That Visit Herbalists For Powers (Video)


William Uchemba is a prominent and distinguished Nollywood star who started his career when he was very tender, he is a well-known comedian, philanthropist, motivational speaker, a renowned businessman, film producer, model, television personality, and a cheerful giver who has helped many people through his foundation.

William is the pure definition of a kind-hearted personality, I have seen and heard how he has changed people's life, he is just free, funny, and outstanding. I don't think there is anyone who hasn't been inspired by the way he helps people, he inspires me a lot and I hope to do more than the good he has done to people someday.

Today, about 2hours ago, the young handsome man of valor speak about those that seek power in native doctor forgetting that there is greater power above the one they seek from, in his words he said.

Why do men hunger for power? Why do they go to Babalawo to get power, listen, my friend, I will tell you this, and I will tell you for free and I say this with every confidence in me? The power of God is real, it's not a hoax, it's not a man-made up, it's not a religious talk, I have experienced it, first-class, in my life, I have been around people, the only way to explain it, for you to see evidence, listen the problem is why you don't see a lot of people, especially this generation when they fake everything is because people are not willing to pay the price to carry the power.

If you read 2nd Timothy 2:21-23, it says if you can make yourself clean, if this vessel can be clean and it's not only clean from maybe immorality. Cleanliness from the heart, avoiding jealousy avoiding hate, avoiding malice, being able to be happy for your fellow human being, God says you would be God's vessel, you would be use to do powerful things, people are not willing and ready to pay that price anymore and that is where the problem begins.


He said a whole lot of things that are inspiring you can follow this link and listen to the full preaching, this is the truth that we all need to hear, there is no painting in this, this is the fact.

God bless this man for this word and God we all. Amen.

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