Teachers Salary Negotiations Should Be Tag With their Output Of Work


The Amount Spent On Education Influences Students Academic Performance?

While bigger paychecks don’t guarantee greater job satisfaction, academic studies indicate that when teacher earnings rise, school  and students can benefit in a range of ways.

Early studies of teacher pay attempted to gauge whether and how student achievement was impacted by teacher salaries and school spending more broadly. More than 20 years ago, researchers examined dozens of studies on the relationship between school expenditures and student performance but found conflicting results. 

They decided to analyze the data collected from 45 individual studies and synthesize the findings to determine whether the amount of money spent on education influences student.

Relationship between student achievement and educational expenditures “is minimal, with the expenditures which relate directly to instruction, such as teacher salary and instructional supplies, having the most positive relationship to student achievement.”

Relationship between salaries and student test scores is complicated and nuanced. When scholars restricted their sample of students to those who do not switch schools, higher salaries seemed to be linked to improvements in children’s math and reading scores. The research team found the strongest effects of salary in a limited number of schools that had no teacher turnover and no teachers with two or fewer years of work experience. Boosting teacher wages reduces high school dropout rates.

The researchers note that they were able to detect changes in student achievement tied to teacher pay by analyzing changes over time.

In the Economics of Education Review also suggests higher teacher pay draws stronger job candidates. The researcher looked at the test scores of individuals entering teacher education courses in Ghana over a span of 15 years. He matched scores from Colleges of Education entrance exams with data on teacher salaries to gauge how changes in pay affect the quality of students entering the education field.

Paying teachers well will attract more qualified candidates to enter colleges of education to be trained as teachers.

By Nedved

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