"Jilaumu mwenyewe" Mohammed Ali to Uhuru

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The president took yesterday Labour Day to express his disappointments over DP Ruto for not offering him the required support in achieving the big 4 agenda. The president who is remaining with less than 100 days in the office as president clearly decided to come clear on the issue surrounding him and his deputy. This has been rebuked by numerous leaders citing that the president took away DP responsibilities and gave them to Dr. Fred Matiangi and that he shouldn't blame Ruto for big 4 agenda failure. Mohammed Ali, Mp Nyali Constituency said as cited, "Mchimba Kaburi huingia mwenyewe. Rais umesahau Executive Order No.1 of 2018 ya kumpokonya @WilliamsRuto majukumu yake serikalini na kumkabidhi Fred Matiangi? Tuliamini wewe ni mpishi mbona utuekee hoho kwa uji? Jilaumu mwenyewe. Maliza uende wakenya wamechoka." Do you think that the president is right to complain? If so share your opinion below. Remember to follow for additional articles and updates.

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