Lunch box ideas for the young ones

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My beautiful mommies here's what you can prepare for the young one's when they go to school 🥰


Hotdog 🌭 bread roll 

Dipping sauce 


Water and full cream milk flavour

Bread roll Recipe 


3 Vienna 

1 egg 

1 teaspoon of fresh milk 

3 slices white bread

 2 slices cheese


Boil Vienna’s for 1 minutes or cook it In a microwave

Beat the eggs in a bowl.

Pour the breadcrumbs,spreading evenly, on a tray.

Press, or roll the bread with a rolling pin, to make it thin for easier rolling.

Put in the viennas and cheese slice on the flattened bread.

Roll the bread tightly.

Apply some egg at the end to stick the roll together.

Dip the roll into the egg.

Roll it over the tray of breadcrumbs.

Heat up the pan with a quantity of oil sufficient for deep frying.

Deep fry the rolls until golden brown.

Let your babies enjoy, you can also enjoy the snack there's really no age restrictions

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