Medics Responded To An Accident On The N3 Under The Hilton Bridge Near Pietermaritzburg

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During the afternoon Midlands EMS received a call for an accident on the N3 under the Hilton Bridge near Pietermaritzburg, the paramedics quickly rushed to the scene and order to assist the people who were involved in this horrible accident.

Once Midlands EMS crews arrived they found one light motor vehicle had rear ended another light motor vehicle in the fast lane of the N3 north bound carriageway, we hope that the paramedics were able to assist the people who were caught up in the accident.

The Midlands EMS crews quickly assessed all parties involved and assisted them in moving into the emergency lane for safety, this is something that people must learn to be very careful on the road because how many accidents today happening.

Luckily only one driver had sustained minor injuries and elected not to go to hospital, this is a very miraculous thing to have happened because you do not see many incidences where we see people who are very who come out and affected by the accident in a severe manner at least.

Saps and RTI were on scene and will be conducting the investigation as to what caused the incident, the police are going to look very closely into this case.

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