Reasons Why Internet Fraud Shouldn't Be Your Source Of Livelihood

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Nigeria is a country where its citizens have to work for almost everything to survive. Unlike in some foreign countries, the government have provided them with enough essentials for easy living.

As a citizen hustling to earn a living, you shouldn't have the thought of indulging in cybercrime to sponsor your livelihood, and here are some reasons.

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Firstly, internet fraud (yahoo) is a crime against the law.

Yahoo as most people call it, is a crime that involves defrauding a person under false pretense. A lot of youth people get carried away in the criminal act, and they start living their lives on the money acquired from fraud.

Internet fraud should not be an option when you want to make a livelihood for yourself because it is a crime against the law and also there are penalties attached to it.

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Secondly, money gotten from Internet fraud are usually spent lavishly.

Some youths indulging in internet fraud are seen spending money they acquired lavishly and in return, they are left with zero investments or businesses.

When you don't work for your money, you spend it lavishly. This is one of the reasons yahoo boys are seen wearing expensive clothes and driving luxurious cars. Scamming people is not a hard work to be proud about. It simply means you are stealing something you didn't work for.

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Lastly, wealth acquired from fraud can be forfeited within hours.

Once you are caught defrauding people by the police and charged to court, there is a high possibility that some of your properties will be forfeited to the government.

Once that happens, it would be hard to start all over. In essence, avoid doing anything illegal to earn a livelihood. It is very much better to earn a penny than spend the rest of your life in a prison over fraud.

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