Robbers attack ABU hostel and cart away with students valuables

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ICSA, which is one of the popular male hostels in the Great Ahmad Bello University, Zaria, was invaded in the early hours of Saturday morning by raiders.

From the gatherings made from various eye-witnesses who spoke; the thieves gained access to the hostel through the back fence around 3am.

The robbers, numbered about two who were armed with sharp cutlasses forcefully broke into a room and cart away with phones, laptops and other things of value.

Another victim who is a student returning from class and heading to his hostel was not spared as the men of the underworld collected his mobile phones and all the money he had on him in his wallet.

No one was in any way hurt in the course of the attacks. 

More vigilance need to be put into consideration and security tightened as this has been one of the stories of such attack recently due to the relatively fewer number of students in the batch B compared to the batch A, as ABU's resumption is in batches due to the Covid-19 measures put in place by the school authority.

Images of ABU hostel below

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