Uses of rabbit urine in agriculture that will double your yields

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The beautiful and timid rabbit is now more than just a pet. Thanks to the high nutritional value of rabbit meat as discovered in recent years, the furry animal is quickly becoming a delicacy in many Kenyan households and big hotels. Not only that, farmers who rear rabbits for meat also benefit from fur and urine, both of which have a distinctive market value. The urine from this animal is the most important thing in agriculture. It plays a major revolutionary role in the soil fertility that results in high yield to the farmers.

Rabbit urine is very helpful to farmers because in organic crop production, you would keenly agree with me that fertilizer and pesticide are the most limiting resources during the production process.

However, rabbit urine can be a very cheap solution to this production problem as it can be used as fertilizer and pesticide.

It would not only help to reduce the high cost of organic farming but also increases the quantity and quality of the crop produced.

It is important you find means to control pests and increase the fertility of the soil if you truly want to be successful as an organic farmer not just any means but a cheap means. I am sure you do not want to produce at a high cost.

One of the cheapest sources of fertilizer and pesticide in organic farming is the use of rabbit urine.

Rabbit used to be reared as a pet but the nutritional composition of rabbit meat has created an untapped market for rabbit production.

Farmers now rear rabbit for meat and wool. Further studies have shown that rabbit urine and also serve as fertilizer and pesticide, improving the soil fertility of the soil and controlling unruly crop pests, simultaneously. There is no waste in rabbit production.

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