"Feeling Sick Today" Akothee Reveals Her Health Condition And Prays For Those Who Support Her

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Akothee is a top musician and a social media influencer who posts amazing content on Instagram and YouTube. The lady is also a mother of five children and a loving wife to Nelly Oaks. Akothee also does adverts as well as serving Kenyans with nice advice concerning family life especially matters regarding single moms who face difficulty in bringing up their kids. That's why she calls herself the president of single moms. 

Akoth has been in and out of hospital as she keeps on getting readmissions. Few months ago she was diagnosed with a pinched nerve condition which had her admitted in premiere hospital. After recovery she went home but after a while she started falling sick from time to time as the illness keeps on recurring. Today she has updated netizens about her health. Speaking on Instagram, Akoth has said that she's feeling sick. 

On that Instagram post she has also added a prayer caption requesting for blessings. Everyone who mentions her name, fights and supports her will be blessed. We hope she'll be fine as soon as possible. 

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