"You Denied Us Win" UDA Allied MPs Vows To Seek Court's Help To Nullify Kieleweke's Win

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Ruto allied MPs are creating serious scenes in parliament after turning down the Kieleweke's win. Hon David Ole Sankok nominated MP, raised a serious issue that speaker Jessica Mbalu denied UDA allied MPs division during the elections where they lost to Uhuru-Raila men.

Nominated MP Sankok angrily lectured the speaker to deny Tangatanga MPs divisions during the loss. He confidently claimed that after the seating, they would proceed to court to nullify their opponents win.

Sankok demanded that division should be allowed as requested by the members. However, the speaker denied the process, and after that, Hustler Nation MPs lost the battle.

Unveiling their plans, Sankok said they must seek clarification from the court on the matters discussed in the parliament. However, the speaker would later clarify where the division was denied.

Interestingly, the majority leader's amendment proposal was passed by the parliament. Amos Kimunya's proposal victory is sending shivers to Tangatanga MPs.

To sum up, UDA MPs threaten to table court cases to nullify the Kieweke brigade's win in parliament debate. Sankok breathes fire as he lectured the speaker on division matters during the parliament 'elections.'

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