Want to get compliments from friends? Here are Corporate Ankara gown styles to sew

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Some times, we plan to sew our Ankara gown in a corporate style but we often don't find the perfect design, so we just go with the usual Peplum blouse and knee-length skirt. 

All that is history because in this article I’ll be sharing with you, jaw-dropping Ankara gown styles to sew. These styles will certainly bring compliments from Friends, church members, or office colleagues. Who doesn't love a heart-warming compliment? Every lady does. 

To achieve the perfect corporate Ankara gown, I’ll advise you to mix up your Ankara fabric with a formal looking fabric like satin, organza, etc . For example, you can sew the sleeve of your corporate Ankara gown out of chiffon fabric or formal lace. See this picture below for an example. 

You can choose to sew your corporate Ankara gown as a straight, flared, or layered gown. But, remind your fashion designer that the design should not be too elaborate so as not to lose its cooperate look. 

If you plan to wear yours to the office, then I'll advise you to sew a straight gown instead of a flared one. But, you can choose any design if you plan to wear it elsewhere. 

Below are pictures of corporate Ankara gown styles for you to sew. Feel free to take enough screenshots because the goal is to get compliments from people. 

I know you can't wait to recreate these designs but, there is an important factor to note and it simply is;

1) The complexity of the outfit: if the style of any of these dresses is complex for your fashion designer, I'll advise you to leave it, and go for another style. You know the creativity level of your fashion designer, so pick a style within their creative range.

However, I don't think any of the corporate gown styles above is too complex for the average fashion designer.

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