Sassa payment for September revealed


Applicants of the special Covid-19 SRD grant whose applications were declined have the right to lodge an appeal for reconsideration within 30 days of receiving the declined reason. 

 Visit, click on the 'application for reconsideration' tab and select 'apply for reconsideration'.

Sassa you are worse I see all reasons, however, some of us are declined due to "DEBTOR"so why ?

Fix this because the debtor does not fall under these reasons. Even the President did not mention debtor in his national address. You busy declining us and having motto of "sassa cares" that's a lie.

I want my August 350 finish and klaar. I applied on the 6 of August at 1:54 and you decline me because of having debts please approve my reconsideration.

Many women are recieving child support which are a social grant yet they have recieved the R350 through their sassa cards along with their childrens grant it they have been approved for the srd why can't all mothers get it why only certain people it's so unfair.

Can you please respond to this. How did ur office identify alternative source of income. Most people u declined on this basis have never received any cash in their banks. The last deposit was made by your office since the Minister encouraged people to open bank accounts.

So it means your case is different with us cuz maybe you didn't send me a email I just checked and I found my status saying alternative source of income just like that.

The student is not receiving  benefit fron NSFAS, IF you investigate seriously you will find out that she or he is not even receiving any cent there. Mybe she or he is just on NSFAS database, she was not removed. 

I'm also declined reason UIf registered.Maybe Father Christmas or The Holy Ghost registered me for UIF i don't know lol.

All i know is I'm unemployed & at home the main reason Sassa has declined millions of people is they are greedy rubbish dogs.They busy stealing the money that's why unemployed people can't get the R350.



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