“Sorry Jacob Zuma” —South Africans Are Sending Apologies to Zuma, Say he Was a Better Leader

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South Africans are apologizing to Zuma and saying they wish he had been a better leader, using the hashtag "#SorryJacobZuma." 

South Africans are appealing for forgiveness from their former president amid widespread use of the hashtag "sorry Jacob Zuma" on Twitter and other social media. Many citizens have lamented the current economic climate, stating that they were able to buy automobiles and gas under former president Jacob Zuma's administration but are unable to do so under the current administration, and that they have no access to employment. They blame propaganda for their decision to turn against Zuma and vow that it will never happen again. Someone on Twitter bemoaned that they miss the Zuma government. No amount of propaganda can stop us from seeing the truth today," he added. President Zuma was by far a better president than Ramaphosa #SorryJacobZuma. #PetrolDieselPriceHike”. Kevin Mileham, a member of parliament from the Democratic Alliance, is currently spearheading a protest against Ramaphosa on the grounds that he is taxing the country and its residents into poverty. 

Many people who have been supporting president Cyril Ramaphosa were disturbed by the recent hikes in the pricing of fuel. One commentator expressed relief that Jacob Zuma is still around to see the shift in public opinion and hear the apologies from those who previously opposed him. He commented, “You guys have no idea how pleased I am that Nxamalala is living to see this. To be recognized by those who share his experiences and values. In my opinion, it surpasses any other accolades now available. And over there, on the other side of Phala Phala, you'll find abanye ziyabakhalele. #SorryJacobZuma”. The foundation established by Jacob Zuma has promised to inform him directly of the condolences being sent to him. An official statement from the organization reads, "The @JGZ Foundation is humbled by the sentiments in the #SorryJacobZuma." 

The President of the Republic of South Africa, H.E. Jacob Zuma, will be informed of all these messages. There have even been calls for Zuma to address the crowd.





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