School Staff Defiles Kindergarten Kid in a School Bus in Mombasa


Police in Mombasa County have arrested a school bus attendant suspected to have defiled a five-year-old school girl. According to the family, the girl was allegedly defiled in the school bus while on her way home.

Image: Courtesy

This was contrary to her parents' expectations that when their child left home for school, she was safe in the hands of the Mary Joy Kindergarten and Primary School's administration. They said that the incident is still a nightmare to them.

The parents are seeking justice for their daughter who suffered in the hands of the school bus attendant. They took her to Makadara Hospital for examination and reported the case to Kiembeni police station. Medical reports proved that the girl was defined.

The girl was given treatment and counseling to relieve her of the mental turmoil that she went through.

The Mary Joy Kindergarten and Primary School Administration has acknowledged the report of the incident but are not owning up the allegation saying that the defilement of the minor was done while at the hands of an employee.

The suspect is currently being held at Kiembeni police station. He was to be arraigned in court today but his case oddly was not mentioned. The family vows to fight for justice for their daughter.