Different Types of People You Will Meet In Nigerian Market.(Memes).


The market place is one of the most interesting place to be in Nigeria. You get to meet different types of people. Almost every Nigerian have been to market before, either as a buyer or a seller.one of my friend made a statement and I quote"some people you meet in nigerian market, will make you wonder if these people are mentally sane". I laughed at his statement but I understand what he meant. There are different kinds of people you will meet, when you go to the market. Ranging from the ones that are funny, to the ones that are annoying. Before you go to Nigerian market, ensure to always use the word "sorry" even when asking anyone a question. 

I was scrolling through my social media handle as usual, and I came across these funny memes on different types of people you will meet in nigerian market. These memes really cracked me up, because I could relate to every one of it. I believe as a typical nigerian, you can relate to these memes. Iam sharing these memes to brighten your mood, enjoy the view. 


These types of people understand market strategy. Satisfying their customers is their ultimate goal. This is the type of seller every buyer wish for.


This is meme really made me laughed. These types of sellers easily get angry when you are underpricing their goods.


As I have mentioned earlier, ensure to learnt how to say 'sorry' even when you are not wrong anytime you are in the market. Doing that will safe you from alot of trouble.


These types of people dressed to go to the market, but they don't have the intention of buying anything.


The sight of these kind of people is beautiful. I always admired them from distance.


Most shops in Nigerians market have this note written at the entrance "No credit today, come back tomorrow".





Being a nigerian is fun and we are proud of our nationality. I believe you can relate to one or two of these memes.

Image credit:Twitter @Yanbaba1

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