Congratulations To Mikel Arteta's Boys, Arsenal Made It To The Quarter Finals Of Europa Cup


Dispite the yesterday defeats the Gunners are proceeding to the the next level to the quarter finals of Europa League. Yesterday the received a beating from Olympiacos of 1-0. To proceed to the next level Olympiacos hade to atleast win with 3-0 from Gunners|courtesy.

Gunners this year have been straggling a lot in the English premier league but their performance in Europa League they have really been trying.

The match was fantastic with with Mikel Arteta boys having more shots on target and more shots too. Olympiacos received a red card on end of second half which Arsenal would have taken this opportunity to equalize but that was not possible. photo|courtesy.

Tottenham on the other hand were removed from the competition by receiving clean beating from their opponents.

Manchester United were playing against Milan where they secure a win of 1-0. The match seemed tight but Manchester the Red Devils came through and are ready to proceed to the quarters.