Kumbe Amekula Chumvi Hivi. Selina Reveals How Old She Is, Currently.


Selina is one of the highest paid actresses in Kenya. Selina started acting back in the recent years in one of the local Shows called Mother in Law. Selina's real life names is Catherine Kamau.

Currently Selina still acts on various TV shows. Selina is also famous as being the brand ambassador and influencer of Harpic Cleaner for bathrooms and toilets.

Today Selina has decided to do a question and answer live session on her Instagram stories. Selina asked her fans to ask her any questions they have and Selina would answer their questions.

One fan asked Selina how old Selina is currently and Selina said that she is just thirty four years.

Currently Selina is married and she has two kids. Selina's first born is a boy who is in highschool currently. Selina's second born is a girl who is almost turning to three years. See screenshot of Selina's reply to the fan below.

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