Former Minister Henry Kosgei Accused Of Tricking A Farmer's Society In Ksh 1.3 Billion Land Deal


Former Industrialization Minister Henry Kosgei has been sued after he was blamed for deceiving farmers in a Ksh1.3 billion land deal.

A report by the Nation on Monday, June 7, shown that 18 farmers belonging to the Kaptien Farmers Society are seeking for compensation just as repossession of the land.

Everything started in 1994 in which the farmers contend that they were poised to be announced the new owners of the land assessed to be 449 acres of land in Nandi County.

They further noticed that they had recorded a suit seeking to be announced the owners of the land however the former minister purportedly tricked them into pulling out the case

In the suit, they had been directed to pay Ksh604,032 charges which they instantly did.

Kosgey is, nonetheless, asserted to have persuaded the group to pull out the suit on the reason that they would be designated the package of land.

After withdrawal, they contended that they made losses when the parcel was given to a rival group known as Cheptililik Farmers’ Cooperative Society.

"On August 8, 1993, the commissioner of Lands mentioned Kaptien to pay Ksh360 to cover extra conveyance fees, registration and stamp study, which they did.

"Kaptien had an absolute membership of 57 people in addition to their families living on the land in dispute as squatters," clarified Kaptien in court papers.

In the court papers, the society further noticed that the Cheptililik group invaded the land in 1972 from Nairobi and formed their outfit which was enrolled soon after.

They claim that that new society (Cheptililik) at that point mocked them that they would lose the land notwithstanding paying the fees as ordered by the state.

That is the point at which they sued for full ownership in 1994 before they got into a deal with the former minister