Big Blow To Governor Obado As Lawyer Reveals This About Sharon's Murder Case


The murder trial of Sharon and the unborn baby begins on Monday at Milimani Court. Lawyer Dunya Riek has been closely following the proceedings. He reports that Governor Okoth Obado and the two accused are already in a city hotel in Nairobi.

''The story of Sharon shall be told without censoring anything, How it started, how she became pregnant, how she took refuge in Tanzania, lured back into the country,'' he said. ''The court will hear how Oyamo, Obado's PA organized a meeting to plan the murder at Caspal Obiero's home,'' he went on.

The Senior Counsel referred to several facts already determined by the court during the first trial.

''We will get to know in detail how the taxi driver was hired. How Sharon and the journalist were lured into a meeting with Obiero at Rongo town, then into the waiting car,'' he added.

According to the Lawyer, the journalist will explain how he was helped by villagers and the report at the police station. He noted that the media would also testify how they carried the story of the missing Rongo University student. ''The search and bid to rescue and how the herdsman discovered the body dumped inside Kodera Forest with intestines oozing out of the belly together with how the villagers thronged the scene will be put in details, tomorrow. The horror tale shall be covered live for all to see.''He concluded.


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