4 Attitudes that will make your Sunday gloomy

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Sundays, as known my many is the day dedicated to observing religious rites and obligations, especially, at the early hours of the day( ranging from 6:00hrs to 5:00hrs) as the case and variances may be.

Some go to Churches, some to Mosques while some stay at home as the believe varies.

If not for the pandemic of Corona virus disease, many religious institutions will have 'gone out of cast'; those for churches would have been 'testing their microphones' choirs getting prepared on their rhythmic attires, and congregation looking ready to "Hallelujah" to the shout of "praise ye thy Lord" of the Coordinator.

That of the Mosque in the Mosque already elougising 'Allah' in the sweetest ways, putting on Jalamias and Hijabs of adorable color and clerics on the top of their rhythmic voices.

Now that the Federal Government has overruled the existence of social gathering due to the outbreak of Corona virus, many may feel bored of sunday, but here it is, take a chill pill, all you need to is imbibe these four attitudes, but, first, click on the follow button; done? Great thanks.

Now let's go:

1. Wake with God: There is no doubt that there is goodness in consulting your God before anything, don't miss it like any other day.

2. Get well dressed: Put on good outfits, remember, "the way you dress is simply the way you will be addressed", so, don't afford to miss the good look.

3. Worship with your family: Don't forget the abbreation placed on social gathering, so, the best is to stay safe. Pray and worship with your family.

Hope you get the hints on the three attitudes mentioned. Don't forget the like button.

4. Move around: Don't just stay at home, check out on people out there, present gifts if you're capable and fish in for your home as early as possible.

Thanks for reading.

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