I'm breaking up with you.


I have spent several years on earth, I haven’t been in an official relationship like someone saying to me, “would you like to be my girlfriend?” (not exactly the truth not to actually think of breaking up but I’m sure y’all can relate that there’s that one person that you guys have talked and gisted, always commenting on each others post and have exchanged a lot of personal information and just for you to greet him one day and he tells you he’s busy or he doesn’t comment ‘stupidly’ on your picture and you’re like why? What’s going on? You’re turning off your data and turning it on again to see if he has even replied your DM🤦 and like that like that, days gone, weeks gone… the energy you’re getting is the ‘K-energy’ or ‘Lol-energy’or ‘I’m fine-energy’…you guys can relate right. And boom, it looks like you’re disturbing them already, you don’t want to leave them, but you don’t like the energy either but as per you guys are joined already in the spirit (of which it all stays in your imagination), you’re still hoping on God for a change of heart for them. Negative energy is allowed from them. I’m experienced and guess what?! It ended in tears even till date😥Several and not so several experiences like that. I went through one again, this time around with a girl. Breaking up with your girlfriend as a girl is underrated tho. You guys needed to see how long I wrote this epistle only to get a “fank you” on her birthday (It didn’t really pain me tho😶 but I was hurt). I was still hoping to get a better reply back but I was wrong. And yes, P. S: my heart is closed for now, I’m not attaching any strings with anyone🤞I believe all that happened broke my heart but fixed my vision

Truly, 20 children cannot play for 20 years (there’s exactly no correlation but…) I have really no advice if you’re in that kind of situation but what I can say is that, let it go!! Don’t hold it back!! You also have to harden your heart, be determined that even when they text first, you converse with the “lol-energy”…Its not pride! You’re just healing and adding self respect to it.

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