Another Looming Training For Teachers As TSC Rolls Out Plans In Conjunction With A Local Sacco.

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Teachers Service Commission is Constitutionally Mandated to register, hire, promote, transfer and excercise disciplinary Control over teachers.

Besides, the Commission Promotes teacher education inorder to build capacity for effective service delivery.

Pursuant to it's Mandate, the commission in conjunction with solutions Sacco intends to Carry out financial training among teachers in Meru and ten other counties.

The CEO solutions Daniel marete told the media that many people don't have basic Investment knowledge which leads to troubled financial lives.

He said the training will equipe teachers with required skills in financial management to enable them Deliver on their mandate.

According to TSC records, a number of teachers have been Interdicted from the service due to financial mismanagement.

The commission normally sets out penalties for teachers who are involved in financial impropriety while handling school Money.

The training comes at a time when TSC is in contention with teachers over Introduction of another training-TPD.

Teachers aren't happy with the commission's move to introduce the program which will run for 30 years while the teachers are in service.

The Matter is now a subject of litigation as both parties pull in different directions.

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