People Shared Their Experiences Of Meeting Celebs For The First Time

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"My companions and I had just arrived in New Orleans in November 2019 and were driving to our hotel when we came to a stop at a red light and observed a bunch of people congregating outside of a seedy-looking bar. We observed a few enormous, strong individuals dressed head to toe in black, but the most of the folks were normal-looking. Then it dawned on me who the man in the middle of the crowd was...BILL CLINTON!!! He was dressed in matching plaid and maroon slacks, drinking beer from a plastic cup, talking and laughing."

"Joe Biden was in attendance, and his nephew was also graduating, so I was almost late to my own law school graduation. At the time, he was vice president, and his motorcade caused a massive traffic backup. I had to park my car a few blocks away and sprint to campus in high heels. Because I was trying to find my spot in line, which was apparently too close to the Vice President, I was almost tackled by Secret Service."

"No big deal...just pressing Fabio into claiming to be my baby daddy at Whole Foods!"

While on a business trip to Chicago, we observed 98 Degrees (without Nick) a few tables away, just as I was about to bite into my first ever slice of deep dish pizza. I had to be creepy and ask for a picture as a kid in the 1990s!" 

"I was walking past a casino in Southern California when I saw Ray Romano being taken in by a couple of security guys. it's you!' I exclaimed as he looked right at me. 'Hi!' he exclaimed, laughing, and my dumbass says, 'Hope you win big!' 'Perhaps you'll walk away a millionaire!'

"I was visiting a college friend in a small Connecticut town for her birthday when I unexpectedly stumbled across Hoda Kotb in Starbucks. She was in town for a book signing, which a buddy later told me was well-known for attracting well-known authors. It took me a second to figure out where she was because she wasn't surrounded by security!"

"When Michael Jackson was serving as a Jehovah's Witness in the 1980s, he knocked on my mother's home. My sister was a newborn at the time, and he praised her on how cute she was, and they exchanged a few words. My mother didn't realize it was him until the next day, when she read in the newspaper that he was in town. 'Has anyone ever told you look like Michael Jackson?' she asked. 'Yeah, I get it a lot,' he added. My mum LOVES to tell the story."

My friend had planned to meet me for a drink at the Ritz Carlton, but he was unable to do so. My acquaintance was sent to the penthouse by the bar manager, who arrived with a bottle of champagne. We received a call from the bar informing us that it was closed for a VIP party and that we needed to return before the doors were locked to the public. The rest of the night was spent with Slash and Velvet Revolver." 


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