Is She Comedian Dj Shiti's Side 'Lover'?(Screenshots)


Dj Shiti is a Kenyan Comedian. He is one of the Kenyan Celebrities who have managed to keep his love life and family out of social media. He occasionally shares photos of his daughter who is currently one year old but covers her face. He is also married but does not show his wife to the public.

Dj Shiti has been spotted flirting with a beautiful fan openly in the comment section that has raised eyebrows. The lady by her profile name Esther Bradley started by commenting on Dj Shiti's post My babe. Dj Shiti responded to the lady 'Talk to me hun' with love emojis the lady further asked Dj shiti to go home. Below is a screenshot DJ Shiti and fan flirty conversation.

Dj Shiti is also a fan of Eshter Bradley as he follows the lady likes and comments most on her Instagram posts. Below are her photos.

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