16th Zora Spoiler : Madiba And Zora Are In Love.

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Zora is a swahili series that is aired in citizen tv at 8:00 from Monday to Friday. In the last episode we left Fela so insecure about his wife going to visit her mother in the hospital. He was fearing that Zora might take that chance and meet Madiba, but finally he alxlows her to go. When she gets to the hospital, she finds her mother in law, very tired for trying to feed zora's mother. She complains that no matter how she tried she could not make her mother to eat something.

Zora gets to her mothers ward, she asks her mother what really happened to her leg. But her mother tells her that it is her doings, she bewitched her. Hamida on the other hand receives a call and she directs the person on the other side to the hospital, a few moments later, madiba arrives to the hospital. When Zora sees him she feels calm. She asks why he is there and the conversation rolls on. They share sweet words of howz they can't live without the other. Zora finally confesses to Madiba that she loves Him a lot.

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