"Kuleni Hizo Pesa," Raila Odinga Urges Kenyans to Eat Money That DP Ruto is Dishing out in Rallies

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Raila Odinga went with his Azimio La Umoja convoy to Nyeri county. He was given the opportunity to talk to the residents and he outlined the areas that he wants to strengthen when he gets into power in the year 2022. He also made the crowd to laugh when he talked about the money that honorable William Ruto has been giving to the people who attend his rallies.

He told the people not to reject the money that they are being given by the second in command. He also advised them to take it and never say thank you. According to him, the money that is being dished out is the one that belongs to the taxpayers and they should take it and use it.

He also added that they should even ask him to bring more because they have so much. The crowd burst into laughter when the former Prime Minister said these words.

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