Why Tinubu is The Best President For Nigeria in 2023


By 29th of May, 2021, the Muhammadu Buhari led administration will realistically have one year of governance left. By democracy day next year, the administration will have one year left, which will mostly be for politicking. The Buhari government has been a largely disappointing one and it is hard to see what magic they can perform in the little time left. For most Nigerians, they can't wait till 2023 when another man will be in the saddle. Nigeria's next president will have a lot to do and Nigeria can not afford to get it wrong. What type of leader will be suitable?

While the clamors for a younger person are very valid. It is also important to consider an experienced person. One with leadership experience and the required temperament to steady the ship and unite Nigerians. Former Lagos State Governor, Bola Ahmed Tinubu is expected to throw his hat into the ring. Tinubu is one that divides opinion but he is one with the ability to midwife a generation of new leaders in Nigeria.

Having been Governor of Lagos State, he has the requisite experience to steer the ship of Nigeria. Being Governor of a big economy like Lagos is akin to being the President of some nations. His developmental strides and foresight as the Governor of Lagos has made the state maintain its position as the economic nerve center of Nigeria.

Nigeria's next president must be able to build a strong cabinet of brilliant and resourceful intellectuals. This he was able to do as Governor of Lagos State with the likes of his successor Babatunde Fashola, current Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, Dr Leke Pitan, Muiz Banire and many others in his team. An ability to set up a crack squad will help Nigeria a great deal.

Nigeria needs a unifier as her next President. As we have seen, Tinubu is a politician that is widely accepted across the North and South of Nigeria. His popular alias Jagaban, is from a Chieftaincy title he got from the Northern region. The last colloquium to celebrate his birthday was held in Kano and was a huge success. Before then, he went on tour of a number of Northern states and was well accepted. Being a unifier will go a long way in solving the raging issues of insecurity.

Nigeria's next President must be someone that can create a roadmap to development. Tinubu is not new to this, as Governor of Lagos State, he saw to the drafting of a masterplan for the development of Lagos State. Subsequent Governors have been building on this masterplan to various degrees of successes. Tinubu as Nigeria's President will develop a plan that can guide Nigeria to development going forward.

Buhari's successor should be able to consolidate on the few achievements of the Buhari administration. While the present regime have performed woefully in the area of insecurity, they have done considerably well in the development of infrastructures. Tinubu will not be found wanting in this regard, being a Governor that devoted to infrastructural development as Governor of Lagos State, he will do a lot to remedy Nigeria's infrastructure deficit.

While a section of Nigerians hold the utopian dream of a young, relatively new Nigerian in the saddle, Tinubu is a more realistic option and the better of the lot that have been speculated as candidates so far. He may cut some controversies but the brilliance and sagacity are needed to steer Nigeria at this moment.

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