"Mkpuru Mmiri" An Addictive Drug Sending Many Youths To An Early Grave

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Most drugs both legal and illegal ones are dangerous to the human body and even more dangerous and deadly is a drug that once started, quiting becomes a near impossible quest. One drug that is commonly accessible to some individuals in the south eastern part of Nigeria is a drug referred locally to as "Mkpuru Mmiri". This drug is known as methamphetamine and it is a deadly drug that is literally impossible to stop once a person starts taking it.

Meth as it is often called is a very deadly drug that is capable of causing devastating problems in the human body. According to some medical sources taking meth is not just composed of toxic chemicals and fillers but that is severely dehydrates the human body. The human body is made up of water hugely but taking this harmful drug will drain your body of the water, cause the organs to work harder and also increases a person's chances of having cardiac arrest.

Methamphetamine otherwise referred to as Mkpuru Mmiri is also a stimulant, this means that after it's taking, an individual might be able to sleep for as long as you're actively using it. Since sleep is very essential to the human body, persistent sleep deprivation due to intake of this drug will also have effects on the body and organs. Coupled with the sleep deprivation, taking meth can also suppress a person's appetite thus causing such a person to be totally reliant on the drugs which ultimately means faster death.

Persistent use of this dangerous drug also causes permanent damage to a person's blood vessels that are found in the heart and brain. When these blood vessels are damaged, heart attack can always happen at anytime and also other conditions related to the brain like strokes and various other conditions that can ultimately cause death. So the drug should be avoided with everything in a person. Having obtained some useful information from this piece, ensure you don't take meth.

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