Women protest over 1 month of power outage in Buea, Cameroon, saying that their foods are rotting.

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Women in Wondongo in Buea in the south West region of Cameroon have taken to the streets to protest against power outage.

Wondongo is in Buea which is the capital of the Southwest Region of Cameroon.The town is located on the eastern slopes of Mount Cameroon and has a population of 300,000 people.It has two Government Hotels,the Mountain Hotel and Palamenterian Flats Hotel located around The Government Residential Area.

They have been without electricity for clos to one month now and they are complaining that their foods have been rotting in fridges due to the power failure.

I doubt if anyone would protest if this kind of thing happens in Nigeria.I have been in a part Nigeria where we had power outage tage for over two months and no one talked too much about it.Its seems like the protests which are ongoing in Nigeria are rubbing off on our sister country,Cameroon as they have had more than 3 protests on different issues in this week alone.

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