8 Foods To Avoid When You Are Purging

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Diarrhea is described as the passing out of loose or water stool by an individual more frequently than usual. It is usually caused by a virus, stress, laxative use, anxiety, or contaminated food and water. However, during this period their are healthy food choices to eat and foods to avoid inother to prevent further complications. In this article, the foods to eat and avoid when you have diarrhea will be discussed.

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Foods To Eat When You Are Purging:

1 Banana: it prevents the upset of your irritated gut.

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2 Rice: firms up your stool.

3 Apples: it helps the gut to return to it's normal state.

4 Bread and electrolytes: It relieves diarrhea, and helps the body to stay hydrated by replenishing the lost nutrients.

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Foods To Avoid When You Are Purging:

1 Spicy and fried meals.

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2 All dairy products including milk.

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3 Vegetables.

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4 Cabbage and broccoli.

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5 Processed foods.

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6 Carbonated drinks and sugary foods.

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7 Fatty meats and onions

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8 Beans and corn.

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If diarrhea persist more than two days, you are advised to visit the clinic.

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