Big Blow To Masilver As His Ex-lover Winny Takes A Firm Stand On Matters Of Their Young Son

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It is said that when it rains it pours, and if there is a person currently facing this is renowned Gengetone singer Dennis Njoroge alias Masilver.

This is because just days after his girlfriend Winny Wayua announced publicly that she had ended her affair with him, things have now gone from bad to worse for him.

Photo: Winny Wayua and her ex-lover Masilver

This is with regards to the 9 month old son namely Dylan that they birthed while still together, and the sassy model has recently made it clear that she is the one who will remain with him.

In what was seemingly an indirect message to Masilver, she infact boldly stated that no one would take him away from her.

"There is no person who is going to take you away from me my world. I love you my baby @dylan254_" she said in her caption as she flaunted a throwback video where she was lovingly holding his fingers when he was still very young as shown below.

It is however still unclear whether the Gengetone singer or his family wants to take the son.

Winny Wayua Dumps Masilver

On Tuesday February 8, Winny Wayua openly dumped her boyfriend of more than 2 years Masilver by announcing that she was a single lady.

The mother of one also disclosed their cause of break up to be allegedly the controlling nature of the 'Pekejeng' hit maker.

"No man will come into my life and start controlling me. Just because I have your baby unafikiria feels good to be single...btw lemme make this clear, I'm no one's wife. Cheers to the new life" she wrote.

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