I Am Not Afraid Of Them: Oliver Barker Sends Another Bold Message To Ghana Bar Association.

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Oliver Barker Vormavor is not ready to give up on his fight for justice and the true practice of democracy in Ghana. Oliver Barker is very bold, courageous and he is not afraid to fight for the right things to be done. Another message from Oliver Barker to Ghana Bar Association really proves that Oliver Barker is not afraid for his fight for justice.

According to the post spotted on Oliver Barker's Official facebook handle, Oliver questioned the moral standings of the Ghana Bar Association. Oliver Barker is of the view that, The Ghana Bar Association used be to Moral conscience of our democracy; but it looks as if things are not going well within the Association when talking about good morals.

"Ghana Bar Association: You used to be the moral conscience of our democracy. Where art thou? - Oliver Osagyefo Barker Vormavor stated.

Do you agree with what Oliver said about the Ghana Bar Association?.

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