Nigerians React As Government Plans To Use Hunters To Tackle Bandits

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Nigeria has been put in a state of dilemma with the recent banditry and kidnappings which has claimed lives and properties. The situation has made many to ask "how much is the government doing to curb this menace?". Although, the military and police have made some arrests, but there are not significantly on top of the situation as we have seen in recent weeks how the activities of bandits and kidnappers still persists.

To this effect, a senator came up with a bill seeking the legalization of local Hunters to tackle bandits since the effort of the military and the police proves abortive.

The Nigerian Senate is currently deliberating on a bill sponsored by senator Biodun olujimi which is to legalize the use of hunters to tackle banditry and kidnappings in the country.

According to the senator who sponsored the bill, she maintained that banditry and kidnappings is a local (grassroots) problem which requires grass Roots intelligence to curb. The senator also maintained that bringing in outsiders whom are not conversant with the environment won't solve the problem.

Nigerians on Twitter have reacted to this development. Some were asking if the soldiers can't handle common bandits. Others were also asking what happened to the huge amount of money budgeted for security.

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