Fulani Bandits Escape Maximum Security Prison In Northern Nigeria.

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Reports have shown that there has been a prison break in the northern state of Plateau, within the capital Jos. The prison being of maximum security is known to house dangerous criminals known for their heinous crimes.

Investigations have shown that four Fulani bandits by the names of Umar Adam Yusuf Adam, Muhammed Ibrahim, Bashir Muhammad have attempted and succeeded in escaping from the prison despite it being located close to a police high command.

Note: Photo is used purely for illustration.

The escape happened on Thursday, investigations are currently being conducted as disclosed by Mr. Geoffery Longdien, tge spokesperson for the maximum correctional facility.

The manner and how the bandits were able to escape has not yet been disclosed. Mr. Longdien has promised to share more information with the press after investigations have been concluded.

We hope and pray that these criminals be quickly apprehended and returned to prison before they go back to their old craft.

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