Meet The World's Youngest Professor


I humbly welcome you all to my page expect nothing but the best from the world of sports, entertainment, fun, education, health, history and trending issues around the globe. In this article we are focusing the spot light on the world's youngest professor. Let's get started.

Alia Sabur, born on February 22,1989 in New York City. She holds the record of being the world's youngest professor.

Alia Sabur showed early signs of giftedness and was subjected to an IQ test which she tested "Off the IQ" scale. She was just a first-grader as that time. When Sabur got to grade four, she left basic school and was admitted to Stony Brook University at age ten and obtained B.Sc degree in material science at age fourteen. After Stony Brook university, Sabur attended Drexel University where she received her M.Sc degree in 2006.

On February 2008, at age eighteen, she was appointed to the position of International professor as Research Liaison with Stony Brook university by the Department of Advanced Technology Fusion at Konkuk University in South Korea.

The Guinness's Book of Records named Alia Sabur the World's youngest professor, replacing Colin Maclaurins, mathematics professor at the university of Aberdeen at age nineteen.

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