Here's The Country Where Prisons Are Being Closed Because There Are no Criminals to be Imprisoned


We may find it difficult to believe there is a place on earth in which the prisons are empty, in short, there are no prisoners in those prisons and that means there are very limited, or no criminal activity in the area at all.

Every prison in the world has the habit of hooligans and criminals who live in it and spend their years in jail, but you and I can't imagine a country with jails closed like this one.

This should be regarded as a heaven on earth where even the gods of the heavens would have wished to come and enjoy themselves because there were neither convicts nor people rotten in prison. The Netherlands has however succeeded in reducing the number of criminals within its geographical limits and the result is that their prisons empty quite quickly.

The Netherlands have reportedly been among the lowest in Europe and the world, with only 61 prisoners per 100, 000 people.

The United States is the highest in the world, compared to more than ten times that of the Netherlands (655 out of 100,000).

Having closed eight jails in 2009 because of the falling population in prison, and shut off another 19 in 2014, the Netherlands has been facing this problem of good-for-all for years.

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