JUB JUB is our country's R-kelly| Another victim he used to work with comes forward

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A victim vouches for Amanda that Jub Jub is indeed no good around women. The rapper and television presenter, JUB JUB is in hot water following his controversial interview with MacG. Amanda-Du-Pont left Mzansi in Shock after revealing that she was rapped by Jub Jub for about two years full. Amanda went on to ask for any woman who was abused by Jub-Jub to come forward, and a lady who goes by the Refilwe Kumalo comes forward.

It became hard for people to doubt this lady after she mentioned that she used to work closely with JUB JUB and he would want to sleep her "I worked closely with Melemo (Jub Jub) at Moja Love TV & experienced many sexual advances which were declined. His interview on MacG's podcast was reckless & he deserves the backslash. I belive you!" said This lady. People have shared their thoughts in the comment section about this lady coming out. Some people were saying that JUB JUB is taking R-Kelly's route "Jub Jub is our country's R-kelly" said a Twitter user. Some people were sympathizing with this lady "So sorry you had to expirance this behavior" Said a Twitter user. "I completely belive you and Amanda" said another Twitter user.

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