Man loses job that paid R33 000 because of a R4 000 bribes

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Sidekicks can provide very costly. 

That is how one school principal found out after he lost his well paying job because he wanted a sidekick.

According to The Times, RJ Segalo lost his R33,000-a-month job at Ditholwana Primary in Botshabelo after splitting a R6,000 kickback with the chairperson of the governing body, according to an Education Labour Relations Council finding.

He allegedly pocketed just R4000 from the R6000 sidekick and that proved to be his biggest downfall. 

It is alleged that the sidekick was supposed to be a sweetener for the awarding of a contract. The contractor wanted to supplied books to the mentioned school. 

The principal said even though he knew that the money was a sidekick, he kept it as evidence. He said he did not use the money. 

Segalo is now demanding to have his job back saying he did nothing illegal. He is set to appear his dismisal.


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