Man Receives Very Hot Slap From An Unknown Woman In Town Whiles Chilling With Another Woman


It really amazes how well a person looks Soo much like another. A video on various social media handles shows how a lady slapped a gentleman in a drinking spot.

In the video, a gentleman was seen together with a lady in a spot cutting drink together. All of a sudden, another Lady from only God knows where, appeared angrily asking the man whether he doesn't know her.

This Lady immediately gave the gentleman a hot slap that, the lady with the man wanted to retaliate but was shut down by the other. It is not known whether the man was pretending not to have seen her or whether he actually doesn't know her.

A few comments by people request the man to return the slap as the lady didn't do the right thing. Others are also of the view that, you cannot force someone who knows you to recall your identity always.

Please click on the link below to watch the video