Five Questions That You May Ask A Guy To Know If He Is Interested In You

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In order to meet a girl, a man can travel from one state to another. He can continue to send money to you on a regular basis, leading you to believe that he is interested in marrying you. He can pay your school fees and even give money to your parents or siblings without being in love with you or having feelings for you. he can do all of these things and more just to get you into bed and get on with his life, while you will be thinking to yourself that you have finally found a life and a good husband who will take good care of you and your family.

To make matters worse, because it is not written on the face, it may be difficult to distinguish between those who came to "enjoy" your body, play with your mind, and emotions, and then vanish into thin air and those who came to "enjoy" your body, play with your mind, and emotions, and then vanish into thin air. However, there are some signs that can assist you in distinguishing between the two. There are some questions you can ask a man who comes to you looking for a relationship that will reveal his intentions for being in your company.

To find out what the man's intentions are, ask him the four questions listed below:

1. Why did you choose me out of all the other ladies to speak with? Every man has a specific reason for seeking out a particular woman for a romantic relationship. Some men want to get married and start a family, others want to be bedmates, and still others simply want to use a lady to get back at another lady who has cheated on them, after which they will end their relationship with her.

For this reason, you should always inquire as to what it is about you that drew him to you rather than any other woman. If he says, "I just like you," you can be sure that the relationship will be more of a friendship than anything else and that nothing serious will come of it. However, if he says things that are related to marriage and the future, it is possible that his intentions are good.

2. How and when do we see our relationship progressing?

Do not get overjoyed when a man approaches you and asks you to be his friend; instead, be curious about how long it will take for the two of you to become friends. Inquire about his motivation for coming to you and the direction in which your relationship is heading. If he claims that he needs to get to know you better by testing your performance and other related factors, it is possible that he has come to have a taste of you before disappearing. Watch out for these types of guys!

3. What are some of your favorite things to do while in bed?

This question will almost certainly reveal his true intentions regarding what he desires from you in response. When he starts talking, pay close attention. The way you should feel is if he kept on talking about himself and his abilities in bed, how he can go for more than "five days without getting tired," and he never said anything about you. He was, however, only concerned with him. Then you may be on your way to a man who views lovemaking as a form of nourishment, and such men are not always interested in a relationship. It's all they want to do is satisfy their own needs and then move on.

4. Would you be interested in meeting my parents?

At the end of the day, a man with good intentions should be confident enough to visit you and your family. His remarks about roadside dating should be disregarded. Taking the initiative to visit your parents indicates that he is willing to accept responsibility for anything that occurs as a result of your relationship.

We are doing this because your parents are going to hold him accountable for whatever happens. The trustworthiness of such a man is unquestionable, and he is perceived as a man who has come to establish a serious relationship with the goal of marriage.

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