Nigerians Can't Defend Themselves, We Need Foreign Assistance - Says Afenifere Leader, Ayo Adebanjo

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Pa Ayo Adebanjo, the leader of the pan-Yoruba sociopolitical group Afenifere, stated Wednesday that Nigeria needs outside assistance to address its escalating insecurity crisis.

The Afenifere leader bemoaned that the Federal Government had failed to protect Nigerians in response to the planned attack by terrorists and bandits in Zamfara, Kano, and Lagos States as well as the Federal Capital Territory, or FCT.

"My response to the alarm is that it has demonstrated the Buhari government's incapacity to protect lives and property," Adebanjo stated. I've said it before, but this government ought to have stepped down so that an interim one could take over, deal with our security issues, and hold fresh elections. If we don't achieve that, before Buhari leaves power, the entire nation would be destroyed.

Unfortunately, Nigerians are unable to defend themselves, which does not surprise me."

The Afenifere leader responded when asked if Nigerians should turn to self-help, "What else can we do if the government has failed to help us? While waiting for outside assistance, we must first take care of ourselves. Both the authority and we are helpless against it. What happens now that we've witnessed how the terrorists attacked the president's guard and threatened to kidnap both him and another governor? When they are unable to help themselves, Nigerians will have to turn to self-help. Because of this, foreign involvement is necessary to combat insecurity."

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