"Ukihama Tena Usirudi" Kenyans React After Vocal Jubilee Legislature Sent This Coded Message

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Kenyans have elicited mixed reactions after the Vocal Jubilee Women representative from Laikipia County, Cate Waruguru sent a Coded Message about possible change of political stand ahead of the upcoming general elections.

Through her Facebook account, Waruguru sent a her photo together with the Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika and Mp Aisha Jumwa who are strong supporter of the deputy president William Ruto. To what was interpreted as slowly joining to the United Democratic Alliances, Waruguru Allegedly quoted Constance Baker Mortley's phrase citing that something we think is impossible now is not impossible in another decade.

"Something which we think is impossible now is not impossible in another decade.~Constance Baker Mortley,Lovely Evening Fam ," She quoted.

Kenyans expressed different opinions on Waruguru's remarks with some being happy and welcoming her to the Hustler Nation.

"Welcome to the Hustler Nation Mum ,we love you" One Commentator Reacted . Others however Allegedly caitioned Waruguru against Decamping again from the United Democratic Alliances citing that if she Decamps, she should not come back again. This comes after Waruguru changed her stand on several occasions, at being in Ruto's camp and another time Alleging loyalty to the president.


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