You Need to Build Underground Private Tunnel, Kenyans Tell Man who Build Identical Houses to Wives

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Polygamous life is yet to be fully accepted in Kenya with most men opting for one wife to avoid dramas associated with two wives. Some who have managed to have more than one wife have however crafted ways to keep the two wives close to each other and avoid drama.

One Kenyan man going by the name Hez Jakamollo has exited Kenyans after he shared photos of the two houses that he's building for his wives. Than man build identical houses close to each other with similar features for each wife. The houses have similar features ranging from, similar design, from the roofs to the windows, exterior walls and porches.

Sharing this on his Instagram account, Hez Jakamollo said that the project is slowly taking shape and soon will be completed.

This left netizens in awe with his boldness at a time when polygamy was still a matter of contention among a section of Kenyans. Many however applauded him for taking such a bold step to end the feud which is mostly experienced in polygamy families.

Below are some reaction:

"You need to build an underground private tunnel. Very impressive congrats!" Nick Odhiambo replied

"You can "dine" in both in one night, Multiparty, lich! Congratulations DG". Nancy Anyango

"I am so much inspired. I think am joining the bold. Some good work jagot!" George Guda

"This is good. Now, add another wife". Ndede Elizaphan

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