Saga And Cross Make Funny Comments After Seeing Pere's Performance In A Movie (Video).

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Yesterday, Pere invited his friends, Cross and Saga, to the premiere of the Nollywood movie he was featured in, 'April Showers.' It was a great night as they took nice pictures and fans even went ahead to commend them.

As usual, everyone who attended the premiere of the movie would have something to say and so did Cross and Saga. It was hilarious. They were joking with the seriousness in his face at a particular scene in the movie.

Cross was actually laughing and he was heard saying, "Oh boy, it's plenty! It's the seriousness for me. See focus! What a focus!" Saga was also laughing along with him.

I can say the way the three of them became very great friends is just too good. Things like this are rare even in public. This year's BBN didn't bring too much drama of hate and malice and that's great.

But it's shocking when people say it's the worst season ever. Do you enjoy seeing people fight always and leave the house being enemies?

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