Angry Kenyans Storm The IMF's Virtual Event on Facebook With a “Stop Loaning Kenya” Campaign


When it comes to online war, Kenyans will always follow you untill they ensure they bring you down.

This has been the case with the International Monetary Funds (IMF) which has faced the wrath of Kenyans since it was announced a few weeks ago that Kenya has acquired a loan of over Kshs 250 billion.

IMF Logo. Photo/Courtesy

Kenyans started online activism calling for the IMF to stop loaning Kenya. Kenyans went further to give the IMF mobile app on google play store a poor rating.

Today, Kenyans have stormed IMF's live event that was taking place on Facebook with a campaign stop loaning Kenya.

The IMF had a virtual discussion with Christiana Fugueres on climate change. The event was not related with giving loans.

But angry Kenyans did not fear to express themselves on the comments section. Out of almost 300 comments, 99% of the comments were from Kenyans.

Some accused the international body for funding corruption in Kenya while others just typed, “Stop loaning Kenya.”

Do you think that Kenyans are justified to call for the IMF to stop loaning their country?