Murder in Ashanti Region: 23 years old Boy in Assin Praso murdered in an attack (Video).


The extent of going all miles to stab a friend, a brother, a sister, a wife or any other person is very dangerous and sad. We must be very careful about our way of living on this Earth.

The news tolling down from the Ashanti region and Central region is very terrible as it has been broadcasted by Angel TV live on Facebook and other social media handles.

The death of a young boy in Assin Braso occurred as two different gangsters engaged in an attack on a lady. It was reported that, the gangsters were mobile money fraudsters who live in Assin prison in Ashanti and Central Region.

Some of the young guys who's name were identified by eyewitness include, Wisdom, Luzio and among others. It was reported that, Luzio was the leader of the gang who initiated the attack and they murdered one of the guy who is about 23 years old in Assin Praso.

This is very sad, for young guys to murder their colleague all because of a Lady and other related factors that led to the attack.