'I Want God's Patience Now,' Wahiga Mwaura Lights Up The Internet


Citizen TV's news anchor Wahiga Mwaura is well known for his News Night show where he usually holds interviews to discuss the happenings in the country. He is a loved television presenter who obviously has a huge following even in his social media handles.

On Monday morning he left people talking after he made a prayer to God to Grant him patience right away. This has attracted netizens to express their mixed reactions on his tweet with a majority of the people talking the post as being just hilarious.

It may have been hilarious because he finished the tweet with laughing emojis. To others it was a serious message where they have comforted him with consoling messages since this message might have been posted intentionally and he might be hurting from some circumstances.

People of different kinds go through different situations which is just a normal way of life. These are some of the people's reactions;

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