Cost Of Building Modern Bedsitter Rental Houses.


Currently most people prefer living in a Bedsitter house. Bedsitter room is one room which as both kitchen, bedroom and sitting room. Since many young people prefer living in a Bedsitter house this the best time to construct such rental houses for yourself.

First you need to identify the place, the place can be either in growing towns or big cities. All these places are good enough for one to build such rental houses since many people currently secure job in urban centers.

After you have identified the place you can buy land from that place, land is expensive in such place and therefore it can cost to you more than 800,000 shillings for 2 hectares of land including getting a valid tittle deed for the land.

Now after you have completed the issue of buying land you can find an engineer that is a a building and construction engineer and give him your Bedsitter rentals house plan. It will be his job to find an achitecture. Together they will come up with a valid plan on how you go about it.

The engineer will give you away forward and will calculate the total cost for you. The cost will include labour, materials like tiles, sinks, wood among many other items that they may require during construction of your house.

The cost of building that such rental Houses cost can roughly cost 4 million shillings including the the amount you used to purchase the land.

Such cost if only 20 Bedsitter rooms. The construction of such houses can take at least one year for them to be full complete and be ready to be let out.

Renting such room is expensive and cost 5,000 shillings per room therefore if you have such 20 houses then you will pocket (20×5,000) which is 100,000 per month.